mailchimp vs. recapture


mailchimp vs. recapture

Recapture: Built for eCommerce email marketing

MailChimp is a great generic tool for broadcasting email to lists, but with your Shopify or Magento store, adding things like abandoned cart recovery email, review requests or other eCommerce specific workflows doesn’t feel, well, like it comes naturally to the monkey…

Recapture was designed with eCommerce in mind from the start, by fellow store owners who understand the needs of your store.

6 Reasons Why Recapture Beats MailChimp for eCommerce email marketing

1) Recapture is eCommerce-focused email marketing

MailChimp is great…if you want to broadcast to a list of subscribers or do some quick segmentation on things like “time they signed up”.  But you’re a store where you need emails triggered for abandoned cart recovery, or review reminders sent after product purchase.  You don’t want to spend time creating workflows, triggers and filters–you have a store to run!  Recapture builds this content for you by default, with one click.  It’s ready to run, out of the box.  Try that with the monkey.

2) No need to be a tech whiz or coder. Email creation is drag-and-drop

Tired of wading through long, painful setup guides? Trying to dig through support docs to avoid using features that you don’t care about? Recapture is 1-click creation for our email campaigns.  We build the basic emails for you–with recommended best practices.  Our email editor is intuitive and simple enough for anyone to use. No crazy multi-step wizards trying to lead you through a maze of features that aren’t relevant. Right out of the box.

3) Create customer-focused emails, faster

Recapture automatically populates abandoned cart emails with the product name, image and a return-to-cart link without any effort from you.  Our review boost emails automatically know what products they purchased and remind them to write a quick review to improve your social proof.  Both templates are completely customizable, responsive and elegant right out of the box, with industry-recommended sending times automatically configured.  MailChimp makes you do significant manual work to setup your abandoned cart email, including manual placement of your product codes and images.

4) Better eCommerce email segmentation

Recapture knows that you want to segment emails based on the value of someone’s cart, or the product types they added, not just basic information like “haven’t purchased in the last 90 days”.  MailChimp doesn’t support these without significant effort on your part.

5) Recapture has better customer support

You get one-on-one live chat, direct email to the founders and immediate, useful responses from Recapture.  We’re 100% focused on your success as a small eCommerce company.  MailChimp’s free accounts don’t receive any support at all.  Our free trial gets you the same high-quality support everyone else does.

6) And even if you switch to Recapture, you can still use MailChimp for what it’s good at…

We integrate with MailChimp directly and support email collectors that you can use to populate any existing list you have to keep increasing your reach as a store.

MailChimp is for sending email. Recapture is for making money.

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